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Bromad reptiles


Lately I've been working on several small single miniature projects instead of painting full squads. Most of them have been nomad singles I still had pending, or repainting old models I was not satisfied with. 

Probably the biggest project of the bunch was the nomad Gator. I got one recently with a voucher I won at a recent tournament but I was not too fond of the official pose so there I was, with my cutter and my pliers, reposing the guy. 

I reposed the arm of the chain rifle into a firing position while dropping the HMG to a stand-by position. To do so I had to fill the area under the arm with some greenstuff and had to sculpt an extra fixture in the weapon's back support.

I originally planned to make a casting of a nomad tag tail to use on the miniature, but luckily I managed to grab a spare Szalamandra tail with the help of a kind soul at CB. This allowed me to build the gator as a true reptile class Tag with it's deserving tail.

For the color scheme I wanted something industrial. Lately I'm adding a lot of vibrant colors into my nomads and I thought some yellow would look awesome, and the yellow and blacks stripes would help to sell the industrial tag look.

I also managed to grab the exclusive alguacile paramedic from a local second-hand market. I always wanted this model and would make a fine addition as a daktari to my current corregidor lineup.

The lizard Morlock is another of those miniatures I grabbed as a single. In my opinion CB destroyed the M1    ºorlock's identity when they decided to ripoff the DC villains to sell the box. The only miniature of the bunch that retained the classic feral look of the morlocks was the lizard one. So I was happy to be able to get it spare in a recent tournament game. I really like how his skin turned out, and he looks menacing as hell and way bulkier than the older morlocks.

Some weeks ago I also decided to repaint my old Geckos. They used to have a green and ceramic pattern I was not very fond of. Decided instead to add a lot of color into them, with colorful guns and lots of street art style graffity around them to add some personality. I even freehanded some tiny geckos on their shoulderpads. Now they look way more nomad than before.

To end it all I decided to paint the Black Sun Operative civilian as I didn't have any specific nomad themed civilian (I usually used Beba Rodriguez from Outrage). 

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