Monday, 24 November 2014

The last Relics

My last Super Dungeon Explore heroes are finished. With this, only the kobolds and the rocktop cannons are left before I can start painting Arcadia Quest.

The last survivors are the heroes from the Relic Knights Kickstarter.

One-shot was the first. She is so lovely! I wanted to give the feeling that she was using hunting clothes so I sticked with earthy browns and dull greens. To contrast, her hair is a splash of pink that makes her stand out!

Malya was next. I liked the canon colors of pink and blueish they used on her original design so i sticked to that. I used the same blue tones on the weapon blades as i wanted to give her a more sci-fi look, true to her origins.

Last but not least was Sebastian Cross. I was not really fond of painting more white paladins so i decided to try a dark knight approach for a chance. I used deep dark purple tones, and when thinking on a good contrarst for some reason I recalled that Saint Seiya guy with green hair in purple armor, so I decided to go with the green hair too.

I also had to dip him in hot water to reposition him jumping a bit higher (he was almost licking the ground). Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Friday, 21 November 2014

IJN Yamato: A tribute to the king

The IJN Yamato. The pride of the japanese WWII navy. It's always been my favourite ship so despite I never being into plamo, I decided to buy me a Revell model to build and paint.

Out of the box
To be fair, being so used as I am to painting miniatures, I didn`t expect building this up would be this much of a hassle. The parts simply didn't fit together which seems bizarre coming from a manufacturer with a large tradition in this sector. I know lots of one men miniature companies that know how to make their sprues better.

Anyways. After much cutting and trimming i fit the whole thing together... then I noticed the most important part was missing. You see. If you know your ships you would know that the Yamato had a very diferentiating trait: His fore had an elevated ornamented veranda where you could see a golden sun.
This model not only did not have the sun but it didn't even had the elevated veranda. So i had to get my hands dirty, and scratchbuild one from the scrap pieces i had to cut out of the model and some putty.

Shipbuilding for dummies.
After that, assembly just went out nicely. I got me some references from the internets and proceeded to the painting. 

You can see the final result here,

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Remorse-powered Kobolds

This week Arcadia Quest came inbounds, so I had to contain my urges to start painting all the new shinies.

Arcadia Quest... so shiny!!  *o*
I had promised myself I wouldn't start painting AQ until I finish all my Super Dungeon base set miniatures wich I own since tthe game first came out, so it`s time to put that remorse to good use and paint the damned kobolds.

Funny thing is kobolds are my favourite spawn point from SDE, but I find them so annoying to paint compared to the others that they ended being the last on my painting list. I painted everything from the expansions and the kobolds are still there looking at me with teary primer tinted eyes.

To finish my basic SDE I still need to paint like a dozen of Kobolds, my second Rex and 3 kobold warren spawn points . So this week I entered in "mass production" mode and started painting all of them together in series.

They are still halfway, but you probably came here to see some painted miniatures so I'm gonna post some of the old ones that are already painted so you get an idea of what i'm aiming for.

My painted kobolds... they are like 1/4th of the total amount.

Rex, probably one of the best chibi monsters ever. He squashes heroes into pulp.
I'm really looking forward to the new Kobold spawn points on Forgotten King. Fielding a full kobold themed dungeon with that much troop variety will be awesome.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ragnarok Chibi Miniatures

Ragnarok Battle Offline was one of my favourite pastimes when I was a teenager. I played through it several times with my younger brother and friends.

When I saw the Jiang-shi miniatures on Impact's range I was sure I was going to paint them as Munak and Bongun - the mid-bosses from RBOs 3rd stage.

Munak and Bongun from Ragnarok
Paper Talisman from Impact Miniatures
I'm still not sure if i'm going to leave those dark eyes or go for complete blank as they have on RBO.

Munak and Bongun as they appear on RBO
I had also painted other figures based on RBO monsters in the past. My FireBeetle is based on Prontera Culvert: Golden Thief Bug.

Golden Thief Buf on RBO
Golden Thief Bug has several fire attacks on RBO, from fireballs to a fire wall so I thought it would make a great FireBeetle.
Fire Beetle from Sodapop Miniature's Super Dungeon Explore
Out of the RBO scope, this week I also finished Impact's Daimyo which I based on Darkstalkers Bishamon, and the chinese dragon, to go with the overall oriental theme.
Daimyo by Impact Miniatures

Chinese Dragon by Impact Miniatures
I'm also working on Impact's Kappa. Maybe i can show them next week.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Ankylo Support Squad

I've been working on my Ankylosaurus squads today and finally left them ready for battle.

I still haven't created a profile for them on Strike Legion but the idea is that they are medium armored, slow units, that are used to breach heavily defended infantry positions. Alternatively they can accompany infantry advance and provide them with close combat capabilities against enemy infantry and light units thanks to their bludgeoning tails.

 Their usual squadron tactic would be to saturate the enemy defenses with mortar fire, making the infantry dive for cover. While the enemy is suppressed, the twin cannon Ankylos would cross the gap firing at will and engaging in close combat. Mortars will charge in soon after, when they are free from incoming enemy fire.

Ankylos also double as excelent siege troops, as their heavy carapace protects them from overhead attacks and their tails can make short work of most low tech constructions.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lizard Convoy Duty

Today i finished my Lizard Riders Triceratops Transport Squad (Microworld Games), and I couldn't resist to shoot a pic or two despite the bases still needing some paint corrections.

Triceratops Transport Squad
T. Rex heavy support
Rex performing convoy duty.
I also had some time to begin working on my IJN Yamato model from Revell. It's not a great model, but Yamato has always been my favourite battleship so I thought I'd buy one for my shelf.

IJN Yamato by Revell

Chibi Succubus Blues (and Reds)

Vandella is one of my favourite SDE miniatures. I had to go to hell and back to get me a copy as it was quick to go out of stock, and couldn't find any on the stores i used to visit. So when i finally got my hands on her i bought two, just in case:

Succubus Vandella from Sodapop Miniatures' Super Dungeon Explore
I painted the blue one first, inspired by the classic anime succubus (Astaroth from Shinrabanshou) and the other sat on the pile waiting for her time to come to the table.

Two weeks ago I finally decided I was going to go with the red theme to contrast with the blue one and got some references from Gainax Scanty and Kneesocks demons.

Close ups!
I kinda like the final result. They make a lovely contrast when they are together.