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Ragnarok Chibi Miniatures

Ragnarok Battle Offline was one of my favourite pastimes when I was a teenager. I played through it several times with my younger brother and friends.

When I saw the Jiang-shi miniatures on Impact's range I was sure I was going to paint them as Munak and Bongun - the mid-bosses from RBOs 3rd stage.

Munak and Bongun from Ragnarok
Paper Talisman from Impact Miniatures
I'm still not sure if i'm going to leave those dark eyes or go for complete blank as they have on RBO.

Munak and Bongun as they appear on RBO
I had also painted other figures based on RBO monsters in the past. My FireBeetle is based on Prontera Culvert: Golden Thief Bug.

Golden Thief Buf on RBO
Golden Thief Bug has several fire attacks on RBO, from fireballs to a fire wall so I thought it would make a great FireBeetle.
Fire Beetle from Sodapop Miniature's Super Dungeon Explore
Out of the RBO scope, this week I also finished Impact's Daimyo which I based on Darkstalkers Bishamon, and the chinese dragon, to go with the overall oriental theme.
Daimyo by Impact Miniatures

Chinese Dragon by Impact Miniatures
I'm also working on Impact's Kappa. Maybe i can show them next week.

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