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Tales from the Twilight Zone

So, after plunging some 300 more buks onto the Legends KS i need to get me to painting to justify the spending. So I got back to work with the trolls, drakes and some of the single minis:

I'm slowly working myself into the trolls, so far i've finished these two but the others are pretty advanced too. Decided to go for aztec style weaponry using gold and jade for their equipment. For the skin i referred to warcraft 3 trolls for reference.
For Zul'Jin!

Shadow mode Candy was super easy and fun to paint. I saw the doppleganger idea from other SDE painters online and couldn't stop myself from trying it too. Everyone loves a doppelganger, especially if you are a Zelda fan or have played Ragnarok Battle Offline.
Shadow mode Candy

Survivor Marie-Claude. She's good and all but i'm still not satisfied with her eyes. I might go back to tune them later. I got to use her on a game yesterday and she's a pretty tanky char. Lacks a bit of AoE though.

Last but not least, the Deeproot scout was turned into a dark elf, tributing Midna and Wolf-link from Twilight Princess. The mask was obviously done Majora's Mask style for the full Zelda experience.

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