Sunday, 21 January 2018

Warpforged warpmachines

I spent some time during the last weeks finishing my Skaven warmachines. Mostly because they are so bulky that they occupied a ton of space on the table, so I just wanted to move them to the cabinet.

Plagueclaw catapult and Warplightning Cannon
If the catapult looks a bit weird is because it is magnetized so it can turn into a second cannon if needed. For that to work out I had to swap the way the warpstone fixed into the main arm of the catapult, so the magnet would be on the same place as when it is fixed in cannon form.

I originally didn't plan to put crew on the warmachines, in fact I was leaving them out to convert them into some clanrats, but when I based the siege engines I noticed the base looked enourmous having anything else on it, so I had to go back and assemble/paint some crewmembers to go with them.

One of my warplightning cannons came with a missing sprue and GW was kind enough to send me a brand new cannon in replace. So from the flawed box and some spares from my bits box I built this Pox Cauldron for my monks, inspired by some others I saw online. I've heard this was a Skaven warmachine back in some of the older warhammer fantasy editions but it does not seem like we'll be seing rules for it in Age of Sigmar any time soon.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Subtle as a punch to the face

I've been messing around with some new lists that move away from what I traditionally play with my nomads. I decided this year I would try to field as many troops as I can to learn how to properly use them and have a feel for them.

For that reason I decided to finish my second Gecko wich was currently a long time on stand-by, so I could try to field them as a duo again (my first try wasn't really very successful).

Next I painted my Prowler. I've been dying to try the Prowler spitfire profile for a while but that 2 CAP cost makes it really hard to fit in most of my lists. I tried the regular version on a tournament yesterday and it didn't live up to my expectations. I hope the spitfire profile changes that for the better.

I went with mostly black colors instead of my mainly white bakunin color scheme to set him appart from the rest of regular troopers.

Last was my first ever try at a tartan with McMurrough.  I went with a blue tartan to contrast with Corregidor red, but the armor was mostly nomad colors.

Mc Murder ready for combat!

Group shot

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Mary of the Knife

Just a last entry of the year update to wish all of you who follow this blog a nice entrance into 2018.

I had not posted my finished reverend moiras fireteam despite being done even before the Riot Grrrls, so now I guess it's time for the crazy nuns to wish you all the best for the new upcoming year.

Reverend Moiras fireteam 

Those crates in the background are some Bandua scenics I got for pretty cheap during black friday sale. They were a hassle to assemble but the result is quite nice. I do not own an aerograph so I just had to spray can the different parts on different colors and hope they would look nice once assembled. To be fair the results weren't half bad.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Night of the Riots

I've been a Nomad players since pretty much N1. Before sectorials where even a thing and we got tiny robots and cool toys for our models. There is something about the Nomad nation that just appeal to me. They are a bunch of ragtags and pirates and anarchists, but they still find enough common ground to fight together for a common cause. 

The Bakunin Riot Grrrls and the Corregidor Jaguars really are the units that most give me that feel. We have this bunch of motherf***ers here on our spaceship giving us hell, so why don't give them a frigging missile launcher and point them at our enemies? 

While the Jaguars are a bunch of unruly band high on nitrocaine the Riot Grrrls just bring up the punch with all their firepower and heavy power armor.

While the Moira's look childish and kinda innocent, the faces of the RiotGrrrls look rough and determined. They look like they are fed up with everyone in the universe and I love that!

While I've seen some Riots painted with random colors, I wanted to maintain the idea that their armor is military grade. I imagine they would like to serve as an example to other little girls, so their visual imagery would be important for them.

We're not taking shit from anyone!
After I finished the unit, I noticed I had not done any black or brown skin girl on this unit despite  usually doing that in Corregidor troops. I guess I was pretty burned after painting Lunah and Gata. To be fair I'm still not proficient on painting black skin. I surely need to practice more, specially on the ladies.

That's some sexy power armor.

I have also been messing around trying to do some chrome effects on an old Zero I wanted to repaint. I got a ton of really nice comments and insight from the guys at WGC Infinity facebook group, that helped me tweak small things here and there. The base was left unfinished as I'm planning to transition all my nomad bases to the new necromunda bases I started using for Aristeia that I feel give an awesome spaceship look.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Man, the Soldier and the Aristo-cat

I got my Aristeia! last week and, while I bought the collector's edition with metal miniatures I was gladly surprised with the overall quality of the plastics, so I was in doubt of what to do with the metals. If I could achieve good results with the plastic models maybe I could sell my metals and get some of the money back.

However, despite the quality, some of the models like Lunah or Gata really showed some lack of detail around the face that worried me. So I decided to paint them first in order to decide if it was worth keeping the plastics or not.

After starting painting Gata it was pretty obvious that the face and her mask part was going to be the hardest. The definition there was completely gone, and what was supposed to be a cat mask was just a blob of plastic, which was kinda disappointing.

It's a shame, really, because the rest of the model looks pretty good from other angles.

Major Lunah was next, and in the end I could paint her face without much problem as it had enough definition to tell her features appart. I'm still not 100% sure about my black skin toned though. I always kind of feel they do not have enough highlights, but I want to avoid whitewashing the model, so the end result doesn't seem to have the same depth as other skin tones. 

Max was painted like my Pan0 with a petrol blue instead of marine blue. The darker tones make the armor look more like naval military armor instead of a colorful parade suit. However for Maximus I added several orange and white accents, as well as the Aristeia and Mototronica logos on the shield as per his official art.

The bases are the new bases for Necromunda by GW repurposed into a cleaner sci-fi look. This is my testing ground for deciding whether I'm going to rebase my nomads with this bases.

In the end I'm not completely sure of what to do with my metal minis. While Lunah and Max turned out well I'm really disappointed about Gata. I'm not sure if I'd like to give her another go in her metal counterpart. 

For the time being I guess I will just keep painting the rest of the Aristos and decide once I have the full set complete.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Second party into the Masmorra

This will be just a short update with mostly photos. As I set up the scene to take some photos yesterday I took up the chance to photograph some of the Masmorra models I had painted some weeks ago and hadn't posted yet.

Some of them were pretty fun to paint but others like blossom ended up being a chore (I'm so sick of the standard green elf with bow already...)

Neffar, Zsa Zsa and Lang Lang

Zsa Zsa was the most fun to paint and I was looking forward to paint her since I saw her concept on the KS. It was fantatic that the mini ended up looking very close to the art. Kudos to the team on CMON for making it possible.

Baruk, Tosh and Toghor

With these guys I'm almost 70% of the total Masmorra done, I hope I finish on the upcoming weeks so we can have all the chars painted when we play the game again.

Blossom and co.

Full par

Friday, 17 November 2017

Horned Rat, notice me!!

The greatest champion of the verminkind is here!
After finishing my Mors campaign on Warhammer Total War I knew that I definetely want to buy and paint a Queek Headtaker for my skaven army.

 I decided to maintain his classic color scheme as his red armor is very recognizable in most media and lore and changing it would make him more difficult to identify. Also I love red stormvermin so it helps keep in the color scheme of the unit.

I only changed his eyes to look like he is high on warpstone, with a green glow, because... you know... he is a mad skaven that hears voices from dead heads... it's not strange to expect he spends his life high on warpstone.  

I kept the base simple and just added some smaller rats from the abomination to complement the ones that come with the mini itself.

My first 10 Mors clan stormvermin formed up. For some reason on the photo the purple shadows are appearing more than they show with the minis on the hand. I need to get myself a better photo studio -_-.

My first 15 plague monks, some with staves, some with swords... I don't think i will be playing AoS much so i'm focusing more on modelling what I want than actually modelling by the rules.

It's been a while since I handpaint a standard so this was actually quite fun and the results turned up quite well.

Lastly, some barrow rats from Reaper Bones that I will be using as giant rats. They are insanely big! Barely fit the 20x20 base. They will look awesome mixed with other less giant rats.