Saturday, 18 November 2017

Second party into the Masmorra

This will be just a short update with mostly photos. As I set up the scene to take some photos yesterday I took up the chance to photograph some of the Masmorra models I had painted some weeks ago and hadn't posted yet.

Some of them were pretty fun to paint but others like blossom ended up being a chore (I'm so sick of the standard green elf with bow already...)

Neffar, Zsa Zsa and Lang Lang

Zsa Zsa was the most fun to paint and I was looking forward to paint her since I saw her concept on the KS. It was fantatic that the mini ended up looking very close to the art. Kudos to the team on CMON for making it possible.

Baruk, Tosh and Toghor

With these guys I'm almost 70% of the total Masmorra done, I hope I finish on the upcoming weeks so we can have all the chars painted when we play the game again.

Blossom and co.

Full par

Friday, 17 November 2017

Horned Rat, notice me!!

The greatest champion of the verminkind is here!
After finishing my Mors campaign on Warhammer Total War I knew that I definetely want to buy and paint a Queek Headtaker for my skaven army.

 I decided to maintain his classic color scheme as his red armor is very recognizable in most media and lore and changing it would make him more difficult to identify. Also I love red stormvermin so it helps keep in the color scheme of the unit.

I only changed his eyes to look like he is high on warpstone, with a green glow, because... you know... he is a mad skaven that hears voices from dead heads... it's not strange to expect he spends his life high on warpstone.  

I kept the base simple and just added some smaller rats from the abomination to complement the ones that come with the mini itself.

My first 10 Mors clan stormvermin formed up. For some reason on the photo the purple shadows are appearing more than they show with the minis on the hand. I need to get myself a better photo studio -_-.

My first 15 plague monks, some with staves, some with swords... I don't think i will be playing AoS much so i'm focusing more on modelling what I want than actually modelling by the rules.

It's been a while since I handpaint a standard so this was actually quite fun and the results turned up quite well.

Lastly, some barrow rats from Reaper Bones that I will be using as giant rats. They are insanely big! Barely fit the 20x20 base. They will look awesome mixed with other less giant rats.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rats. Yes yes!

After what probably accounts as too many hours of playing total war warhammer 2 and the hilariousness of knowing that skaven are the first race of the warhammer world to make it into space, (cosmonaut rats, yes yes!!). I decided to strip the paint of my very very old skaven army, buy me some new toys and start a new skaven army combining old and new models.

I'm not really sure if I will play Age of Sigmar but I'm pretty sure I want to have this little guys on a special place on my shelf.

Plague censer bearers and a Poison Wind Globadier
One of the first things I had to learn is how to properly paint corrosion effects on metallic weapons as I don't usually paint with metallic paints.

I bought me a Veer-Myn Brood Mother from Mantic to act as my Arch-Warplock engineer. It's a miniature clad in metal where i could practice some of the techniques.

I then went right into painting the good old ratlings. I decided to use a purplish grey as my army main color while giving distinct robes to certain clans. Skryre troops use petrol blue while Pestilens use the classic green.

These are some gutter runners I test painted before I got the hand of how to paint the rusty weapons and surely will need to revisit soon.

I already started assembling my new boxes of Stormvermin and Pestilens, but what I'm most looking forward are the Stormfiends. Can't wait to land my hands on the big boys.

Stubborn Defenders

While I waited for my new Skaven to show up at the doorstep I decided to get myself busy with some minor projects. I haven't been painting with metallic colors in ages but I really don't have the patience to do NMM in a large army. So in order to get back the use for this paints I decided to tackle a small 10 Dwarf two hand weapons regiment I had from MoM Miniaturas.

I love MoM miniatures because they make dirty cheap minis (particularly regiments) but they are full of character. Every miniature has a distinct pose and none is the same as the other and still it's cheaper than most multicomponent plastic you see this days.

My personal favourite is this duo of dawi, cheering with their beer jugs in the midst of battle.

I also bought some texture paints from GW to test how I will base my skaven when they show up. I used Agrellan Earth for the first time and I'm really impressed with the results. Will probably do more of this on my skaven.

Heroes from CMON B-sieged.

Combined Arms

Lately, life and other miniature projects have sidetracked me a bit from my infinity painting. The last things I've managed to finish were some morats from the Agression Force that I really don't plan to play anytime soon as I play Onyx, but they look so badass that I wanted to have them painted on the shelf parade with my other minis.

This tough guy here was a hard color choice. I decided back with the Rodoks that Red will be the color that would identify the morat sectorial and green the unifying color for the Combined Army. However I didn't want to go with the same dark green armor of the Rodoks so instead I went for some metallic blue armor that in the end gave a nice contrast with the rest of the color scheme. The guy overall transmits the feeling that the armor is bulky and heavy.

Sogarat tempest regiment

Sogarat back
For the ladies it was easier, I mantained the dark green armor for the Zerat. She is supposed to be an infilitrated agent in jungle terrain so I don't think she would feel confident with any other color on the field. The Oznat is a huntress so most of her armor is made of bone parts and leather
Zerat and Oznat

Zerat and Oznat backs
I also got to paint one of my Xeodrons, same scheme I used on the Unidrons to keep the overall look of my Onyx force.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Beyond Beyond

I got me the Beyond Icestorm box two weeks ago, and I had decided that for my comeback to the ITS season I would run a list with the new Kriza Boracs, so I had to rush the Kriza to the paint table to have a paint coat ready for his big debut.

I decided to keep my Tunguska black and dark red scheme similar to the one used by CB, but gave him severeal sources of light both on the base and on the suit to spice up the already imposing figure.

Instead for going for pure white for the detail color like bakunin I tried to dye a the white a bit in purple, and the final result matched the darker composition more evenly, making the white areas to blend more and not catching too much the attention of the viewer.

Next was the Hellcat. It's been ages I don't ever field a hellcat (mostly because Tomcats...) but this figure has such an awesome pose that it was really fun to paint.

While I painted the sniper Intruder girl I decided to take the chance to paint my HMG intruder together with her. He was primed and waiting for a chance to get to the paint desk for a while but as he didn't see much playtime I didn't find the need to rush it. Ironically he was the badass who net me some victories in my most recent tournament so I thought he deserved a bit of love too.

As usual I spruce a bit on CB color scheme. My corregidor usual use pilot red pants, and the intruders sport metallic armor on their arms. Like Tunguska they trade the pure white for a skin tone. This comes a long way back from when I started playing infinity and I had the headcannon that nomads used ceramic armor.

Also, as my birthday was recently I got a box of Interventors from the missus, so at last I could assemble a conversion I was long time planning: Perfidious Interventor Morgana, with her fellow pandas. It was kinda difficult to make the panda grip on her. I kinda like the way the prensile feet tights on her in a way that that a real panda couldn't, and reminds that it's a robot and as such can articulate in ways his biological counterpart can't.

I also had a spare Alguacil hacker laying around and decided to get her to the queue to guarantee as i'm still short on alguaciles to form a full fireteam. It's fun that this particular mini from the Corregidor starter is a bit small in scale compared to the Icestorm alguaciles, so next to them she looks like she is a rookie teenager in training.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Remaking Pan-O from scratch

I was never a great fan of Pan-O. To be fair, as a nomad player, I hate them deeply. However there was a moment in time where some of the PanO minis appealed to me (mainly Auxilia and Orcs). For that reason I amassed a small band of mostly Neoterran troops with some Kamau and an occasional knight (i hate swords on sci-fi setting as much as I hate Pan-O).

When I was deciding on how to paint my Pan-O back then I settled on a white/black color scheme with orange accent. I also built some water ruin bases that fitted my idea for the force: a naval rapid intervention team that deployed on the shore to strike on coastal enemy assets.

Some of my old Pan-0 force, back from N2
This was several years ago, back in N2 and when there where no sectorials expected on the near future. Then Human Sphere came, and with it sectorials. Suddenly my color scheme was extremely similar to Bakunin oficial color scheme. While I loved this color scheme as soon as I started painting my Bakunin troops they started to look too similar among them, so the need for a repaint of my Pan-O crossed my mind several times.

Old Swiss guard and Orc Trooper
I decided to try a new color scheme, but I didn't want to go with the usual Pan-O blue, instead a more petrol blue like the one used by Merovingian troops.

The old Joan of Arc was my first test subject. Most of my troops are Neoterra so those out of the sectorial were mostly unbuilt and unpainted, so the first task was to decide on accent colors for the other sectorials. For Military orders I decided to go with vatican purple and gold as are colors that easily remind of the church and would pop up well over the blue.

Satisfied with the results I decided to try it on Fusiliers. Being the basic troop they would be the most numerous and need to make the color scheme feel right. For them I chose an urban camo pattern for the trousers, and red accent colors as they will almost always be on my Neoterran army.

Brother Konstantinos was a bit of an oddball as he is a special operative, so I went with mostly black uniform, but again using church purple to remind he is a soldier of the order.

Father Knight and the new Joan of Arc followed the same idea of golden inner armour and accent with purple robe, but got some extra work and colors on their weapons to make them stand appart from regular troopers.

The Akalis I was seriously considering selling the model as I don't play nor have the intention of playing Acontecimento, however in the end I was intrigued of how Acontecimento colors would fit with my new scheme so I decided to give him a chance. I chose an horizontal wavy jungle camo pattern mixed with the usual Fusilier urban pattern, and the result turned out to be pretty interesting.

The color of the bases was also updated and makes the figures pop up more now. Overall I'm pretty satisfied of how this guys turned out. Now I'm wondering if I should strip the paint of my older Pan-O models to adapt them to this new color scheme.