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Painting: XCom - The Boardgame

After hours and hours playing Dragon Age Inquisition, I managed to find some time to paint my recently acquired XCom boardgame miniatures. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the game and my wife totally got into the mood of the timed actions.

So hoping to make the next game even more immersive, I went on to paint the troopers and UFOs.

Space Invaders
Alien saucers in 5 colorful and totally alien colors.

X-Com jets

Heavy troopers Steffan, Magalhães and Vladimir

Support troopers Ziswiler, Nascimento and Smith 

Assault Troopers Brahmbatt, Riera and Papadakis

Snipers Amelie, Xiu Han and Tsubame 
Group Shot!