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IJN Yamato: A tribute to the king

The IJN Yamato. The pride of the japanese WWII navy. It's always been my favourite ship so despite I never being into plamo, I decided to buy me a Revell model to build and paint.

Out of the box
To be fair, being so used as I am to painting miniatures, I didn`t expect building this up would be this much of a hassle. The parts simply didn't fit together which seems bizarre coming from a manufacturer with a large tradition in this sector. I know lots of one men miniature companies that know how to make their sprues better.

Anyways. After much cutting and trimming i fit the whole thing together... then I noticed the most important part was missing. You see. If you know your ships you would know that the Yamato had a very diferentiating trait: His fore had an elevated ornamented veranda where you could see a golden sun.
This model not only did not have the sun but it didn't even had the elevated veranda. So i had to get my hands dirty, and scratchbuild one from the scrap pieces i had to cut out of the model and some putty.

Shipbuilding for dummies.
After that, assembly just went out nicely. I got me some references from the internets and proceeded to the painting. 

You can see the final result here,

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