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The last Relics

My last Super Dungeon Explore heroes are finished. With this, only the kobolds and the rocktop cannons are left before I can start painting Arcadia Quest.

The last survivors are the heroes from the Relic Knights Kickstarter.

One-shot was the first. She is so lovely! I wanted to give the feeling that she was using hunting clothes so I sticked with earthy browns and dull greens. To contrast, her hair is a splash of pink that makes her stand out!

Malya was next. I liked the canon colors of pink and blueish they used on her original design so i sticked to that. I used the same blue tones on the weapon blades as i wanted to give her a more sci-fi look, true to her origins.

Last but not least was Sebastian Cross. I was not really fond of painting more white paladins so i decided to try a dark knight approach for a chance. I used deep dark purple tones, and when thinking on a good contrarst for some reason I recalled that Saint Seiya guy with green hair in purple armor, so I decided to go with the green hair too.

I also had to dip him in hot water to reposition him jumping a bit higher (he was almost licking the ground). Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the results.

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