Saturday, 16 September 2017

Beyond Beyond

I got me the Beyond Icestorm box two weeks ago, and I had decided that for my comeback to the ITS season I would run a list with the new Kriza Boracs, so I had to rush the Kriza to the paint table to have a paint coat ready for his big debut.

I decided to keep my Tunguska black and dark red scheme similar to the one used by CB, but gave him severeal sources of light both on the base and on the suit to spice up the already imposing figure.

Instead for going for pure white for the detail color like bakunin I tried to dye a the white a bit in purple, and the final result matched the darker composition more evenly, making the white areas to blend more and not catching too much the attention of the viewer.

Next was the Hellcat. It's been ages I don't ever field a hellcat (mostly because Tomcats...) but this figure has such an awesome pose that it was really fun to paint.

While I painted the sniper Intruder girl I decided to take the chance to paint my HMG intruder together with her. He was primed and waiting for a chance to get to the paint desk for a while but as he didn't see much playtime I didn't find the need to rush it. Ironically he was the badass who net me some victories in my most recent tournament so I thought he deserved a bit of love too.

As usual I spruce a bit on CB color scheme. My corregidor usual use pilot red pants, and the intruders sport metallic armor on their arms. Like Tunguska they trade the pure white for a skin tone. This comes a long way back from when I started playing infinity and I had the headcannon that nomads used ceramic armor.

Also, as my birthday was recently I got a box of Interventors from the missus, so at last I could assemble a conversion I was long time planning: Perfidious Interventor Morgana, with her fellow pandas. It was kinda difficult to make the panda grip on her. I kinda like the way the prensile feet tights on her in a way that that a real panda couldn't, and reminds that it's a robot and as such can articulate in ways his biological counterpart can't.

I also had a spare Alguacil hacker laying around and decided to get her to the queue to guarantee as i'm still short on alguaciles to form a full fireteam. It's fun that this particular mini from the Corregidor starter is a bit small in scale compared to the Icestorm alguaciles, so next to them she looks like she is a rookie teenager in training.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Remaking Pan-O from scratch

I was never a great fan of Pan-O. To be fair, as a nomad player, I hate them deeply. However there was a moment in time where some of the PanO minis appealed to me (mainly Auxilia and Orcs). For that reason I amassed a small band of mostly Neoterran troops with some Kamau and an occasional knight (i hate swords on sci-fi setting as much as I hate Pan-O).

When I was deciding on how to paint my Pan-O back then I settled on a white/black color scheme with orange accent. I also built some water ruin bases that fitted my idea for the force: a naval rapid intervention team that deployed on the shore to strike on coastal enemy assets.

Some of my old Pan-0 force, back from N2
This was several years ago, back in N2 and when there where no sectorials expected on the near future. Then Human Sphere came, and with it sectorials. Suddenly my color scheme was extremely similar to Bakunin oficial color scheme. While I loved this color scheme as soon as I started painting my Bakunin troops they started to look too similar among them, so the need for a repaint of my Pan-O crossed my mind several times.

Old Swiss guard and Orc Trooper
I decided to try a new color scheme, but I didn't want to go with the usual Pan-O blue, instead a more petrol blue like the one used by Merovingian troops.

The old Joan of Arc was my first test subject. Most of my troops are Neoterra so those out of the sectorial were mostly unbuilt and unpainted, so the first task was to decide on accent colors for the other sectorials. For Military orders I decided to go with vatican purple and gold as are colors that easily remind of the church and would pop up well over the blue.

Satisfied with the results I decided to try it on Fusiliers. Being the basic troop they would be the most numerous and need to make the color scheme feel right. For them I chose an urban camo pattern for the trousers, and red accent colors as they will almost always be on my Neoterran army.

Brother Konstantinos was a bit of an oddball as he is a special operative, so I went with mostly black uniform, but again using church purple to remind he is a soldier of the order.

Father Knight and the new Joan of Arc followed the same idea of golden inner armour and accent with purple robe, but got some extra work and colors on their weapons to make them stand appart from regular troopers.

The Akalis I was seriously considering selling the model as I don't play nor have the intention of playing Acontecimento, however in the end I was intrigued of how Acontecimento colors would fit with my new scheme so I decided to give him a chance. I chose an horizontal wavy jungle camo pattern mixed with the usual Fusilier urban pattern, and the result turned out to be pretty interesting.

The color of the bases was also updated and makes the figures pop up more now. Overall I'm pretty satisfied of how this guys turned out. Now I'm wondering if I should strip the paint of my older Pan-O models to adapt them to this new color scheme.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Heroes of the Masmorra

So after almost a month painting almost exclusively infinity models I decided to give myself a change of pace and opened the Masmorra boxes for painting. It's kinda nice to paint chibis again. They are way faster to paint than the more detailed infinity models and you need to use a wider range of colors and approaches. Also they are really good to practice face volumes and skin tones.

Lotus was my first model as she always was one of my wife's favourite's to play. We owned the original brazilian Masmorra, so we were already veterans to the game when the american version came out. It was really cool to see minis being done for all the classic Masmorra characters.

Lotus controls animals around the dungeon and is a general annoyance.
Most of the guys were next. I tried to prioritize those that someone had already played before with us, so that if they want to play again the same character they can play it painted. Also Jay was a test run on dark skin before I tried to paint Makumba the necromancer.

Jay, Grenouille, Raffi and Travis
Some closer details of Grenouille. I tried to use the stippling technique I learned on the Rodoks to make his skin look more irregular in color, and I really dig the result. More froglike in appearance than a plain green for sure. I'm probably using him for Super Dungeon Explore for those moments when the witches turn you into a frog.

In our first game with the new edition I played Hyldir, and my wife was running Makumba so as the game ended they went right to the painting desk. I didn't really liked Hyldir's abilities in game much but I really like her miniature and her Valkirie theme.

 The overpowered Makumba was next. She works very similar to Lotus in game, but due to the fact that the american version has way more undead than beasts in the dice, in the end she is a way better character al around.
Painted Valerie the paladin too, In classic Warcraft soldier colors.

Some photos of the back sides.

I still haven't decided on a basing pattern yet so I guess I will paint them all first before chosing something that makes them pop a little more.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

An army of madmen

I've been painting more nomads throught the last weeks but I'm having some serious troubles getting a good photo setup on my new appartment. Light is very strong and my lamps distort lightning too much. So far my best results have been using scenery for the backdrop.

Well, in any case, finished the Pupniks so at last the Überfallkomando is done. I'm really proud of how this one turned out and I'm itching to field them again (first time they did minced meat out of Penthesilea, totally worth it).

Bakunin Moderators. Nothing spectacular, just standard bakunin white/orange/black theme. and some face paintings for the green guy. I tried to do some freehand nomad symbol that surprisingly turned out pretty well.

Corregidor Jaguars were next, I changed the traditional Corregidor red for prison orange in a remainder that this is a penal unit. For the black guy I triend some more colorful tatoos so they would pop more on the dark skin, while on the white inmate I went for a large dog tatoo with "Mad Dog" tattooed all along the arm.

I also painted my Lunokhod conversion. It turned out great!
It's pretty big compared to my old Tsyklon (that needs a new base and a repaint, i know...)

Handpainting the Lunokhod logo was probably the hardest part.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Reporting live from the front

One of the best things about having a miniature painting log is that taking photos of the minis let's you see the mistakes that your naked eye couldn't see. And today was a great example of that as most of the minis had to go back to the table for final retouching.

My new home also has some particular light sources that make it pretty difficult to take photo shots without the colors being messed up by the itensity of the light source. I really need to set up a small photo booth of sorts. But whatever, I finished the remainder Sygmaa of my Onyx starter, and went back to my Nomad's backlog.

Maakrep tracker and Fractaa drop unit.
I also painted my WarCor, decided to go for a shiny blue as no one of my factions uses as uniform color and it makes him highly visible on the battlefield so no one would shoot him by accident. (Still Aleph troopers shoot him right in the face on turn one last time I played. Damn AI has no respect for free press - You can read the battle report here:

The logo of the TV station is from TV3, the local catalonian television.
This are some of my Bromads from the Bakunin starter. While I wanted to keep some of the white for the Bakunin sectorial I decided to give the observancy troops a red color to reinforce their eclesiastic look. In order to distinguish them from corregidor troops they sport a deeper crimson red instead of the vibrand red I use for the penal troops.
Reverend Moira and Sin Eater Observant
Did some freehand nomad symbols on him to add a bit more detail.

The Übergal from the Überfallkomando was inspired by classic science fiction character Chiara from Farscape.
Chimera. Leader of the Bakunin Überfallkomandos
The highlights on her skintight suit got really highlighted on this photo but don't look so bright on the mini. Still I decided to tone them down a little later on the painting bench.

I've also been working on some conversions for my nomads. After I paint-stripped some of my older minis I wasn't sattisfied with, decided to go full Lego and remake my Meteor Zond, which I wasn't really fond of the sculpt, and also convert one of my Tsyklon to something I could use as a Lunokhod. So these came out:

Left: new Meteor. Right: Upper Chassis of the new Lunokhod

Final Lunokhod on his legs.

A receiver dish was added to represent the repeater and a boarding shotgun was mounted on top, with the flamer under the legs.

Rear legs belong to a Heavy Gear Spitting Cobra
I really like how they turned out, specially the Lunokhod, has a great Protoss feel to it.