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Horned Rat, notice me!!

The greatest champion of the verminkind is here!
After finishing my Mors campaign on Warhammer Total War I knew that I definetely want to buy and paint a Queek Headtaker for my skaven army.

 I decided to maintain his classic color scheme as his red armor is very recognizable in most media and lore and changing it would make him more difficult to identify. Also I love red stormvermin so it helps keep in the color scheme of the unit.

I only changed his eyes to look like he is high on warpstone, with a green glow, because... you know... he is a mad skaven that hears voices from dead heads... it's not strange to expect he spends his life high on warpstone.  

I kept the base simple and just added some smaller rats from the abomination to complement the ones that come with the mini itself.

My first 10 Mors clan stormvermin formed up. For some reason on the photo the purple shadows are appearing more than they show with the minis on the hand. I need to get myself a better photo studio -_-.

My first 15 plague monks, some with staves, some with swords... I don't think i will be playing AoS much so i'm focusing more on modelling what I want than actually modelling by the rules.

It's been a while since I handpaint a standard so this was actually quite fun and the results turned up quite well.

Lastly, some barrow rats from Reaper Bones that I will be using as giant rats. They are insanely big! Barely fit the 20x20 base. They will look awesome mixed with other less giant rats.

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