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Remorse-powered Kobolds

This week Arcadia Quest came inbounds, so I had to contain my urges to start painting all the new shinies.

Arcadia Quest... so shiny!!  *o*
I had promised myself I wouldn't start painting AQ until I finish all my Super Dungeon base set miniatures wich I own since tthe game first came out, so it`s time to put that remorse to good use and paint the damned kobolds.

Funny thing is kobolds are my favourite spawn point from SDE, but I find them so annoying to paint compared to the others that they ended being the last on my painting list. I painted everything from the expansions and the kobolds are still there looking at me with teary primer tinted eyes.

To finish my basic SDE I still need to paint like a dozen of Kobolds, my second Rex and 3 kobold warren spawn points . So this week I entered in "mass production" mode and started painting all of them together in series.

They are still halfway, but you probably came here to see some painted miniatures so I'm gonna post some of the old ones that are already painted so you get an idea of what i'm aiming for.

My painted kobolds... they are like 1/4th of the total amount.

Rex, probably one of the best chibi monsters ever. He squashes heroes into pulp.
I'm really looking forward to the new Kobold spawn points on Forgotten King. Fielding a full kobold themed dungeon with that much troop variety will be awesome.

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