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Ankylo Support Squad

I've been working on my Ankylosaurus squads today and finally left them ready for battle.

I still haven't created a profile for them on Strike Legion but the idea is that they are medium armored, slow units, that are used to breach heavily defended infantry positions. Alternatively they can accompany infantry advance and provide them with close combat capabilities against enemy infantry and light units thanks to their bludgeoning tails.

 Their usual squadron tactic would be to saturate the enemy defenses with mortar fire, making the infantry dive for cover. While the enemy is suppressed, the twin cannon Ankylos would cross the gap firing at will and engaging in close combat. Mortars will charge in soon after, when they are free from incoming enemy fire.

Ankylos also double as excelent siege troops, as their heavy carapace protects them from overhead attacks and their tails can make short work of most low tech constructions.

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