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Chibi Succubus Blues (and Reds)

Vandella is one of my favourite SDE miniatures. I had to go to hell and back to get me a copy as it was quick to go out of stock, and couldn't find any on the stores i used to visit. So when i finally got my hands on her i bought two, just in case:

Succubus Vandella from Sodapop Miniatures' Super Dungeon Explore
I painted the blue one first, inspired by the classic anime succubus (Astaroth from Shinrabanshou) and the other sat on the pile waiting for her time to come to the table.

Two weeks ago I finally decided I was going to go with the red theme to contrast with the blue one and got some references from Gainax Scanty and Kneesocks demons.

Close ups!
I kinda like the final result. They make a lovely contrast when they are together.

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