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Deliver your troops to the front in style!

Since I played Paraworld some 6 years ago I had some pre-defined ideas of what should be each dinosaur role on the Battlefield.

On Paraworld, Brachiosaurus act as mobile barracks, allowing you to build troops on the field. While it's not possible to do that feasibly in Strike Legion I wanted to transmit the feeling of a big powerful transport that would be used to breach heavy defended positions and set a beachhead.

Gentleman, I present you the Command Brachio.

Brachiosaur from Microworld Games Lizard Riders range.
He is slow but tough and can deliver a full infantry regiment to the front safely and still support their advance with his varied weaponry and his area field shields.

Work on the other lizard rider units is going faster now that i got the hang of the unit creation system. It's the kind of system that it's easier to understand if someone explains it to you than if you read it, but once it clics on your head you can be doing units in no time (provided you have an excel sheet available (XD)).

So far i have completed the Triceratops transports, Allosaurus as a fast close combat harrasser with EMP pulses, and Parasaurolophus heavy weapons support.

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