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6mm Andrayada

My second project is fielding two 6mm armies: The Andrayada (Dark Real Miniatures) and the Lizard Riders (Microworld Games). I use them to play Strike Legion and more recently Future War Commander.

I bought an Andrayada force deal for 50 bucks some time ago and I'm still in the process of painting it. It took me quite a while to get a cholor scheme that i would be satisfied with.

In the end I went for a deep purple scheme with orange canopies, and white detais.

My Andrayada forces painted so far 
Detail of the Infantry forces
All the miniatures are still unbased. It's kinda difficult to find basing components in Brazil but this month I found a shop that sells some stuff for train modelling.

Brachiosaurus from MicroWorld Games Lizard Riders
I'm not sure if i like the result. The grass is ok for 28mm miniatures, but it seems too big for 6mm. I think I'm going to make some tests painting it in other colors to see if it improves a bit.

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