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Get to know the guys... (Chibis)

I think the first step is to publicly present my current projects.

Right now the most time consuming of my projects is Super Dungeon Explore and chibi miniatures in general. I am waiting to receive my Arcadia Quest and Forgotten King kickstarters so i still need to finish painting all my original SDE miniatures.

The most recent miniatures I did for SDE were part of the crossover set Sodapop did featuring Relic Knights characters on chibi style.

Sodapop Miniatures - Kisa
I was really looking forward to paint Kisa, as i loved her model and i had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do with her. The original plan was her to have white hair and fur though. That's something I changed in the last steps when I noticed I had tons of SDE miniatures with white hair.

I also broke my own rule of never using metallic colors with chibi miniatures, but I had to open an exception with her because I was unable to get a tone of gold that would stand out from her tanned skin.

Sodapop Miniatures - Calico Kate
Calico Kate was next: I usually take video game characters as reference for SDE but i'm not much into pirates so I was out of ideas.  But then I came across a wallpaper of Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett and I thought that it would make a nice inspiration for the cholor scheme (I've invested so many hours into that game that I thought it deserved a space on my collection)

I also did some Impact minis to go with the rest of the SDE set:
Impact Miniatures - Karate Master (AKA Ryu)
This completely unknown guy over here... (i need to find bases for my impact miniatures -_-)

Impact Miniatures - Ninja
And this little ninja over here.

Doing this blog entry made me realize i lost a golden chance to paint this guy as the Mega Drive´s Shinobi 3 main character. Maybe if i get another ninja...

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