Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The last Dragon Hunter

Today one of my projects comes to an end. With the Grand-Master, all my Dorasure miniatures are finished!

So I rounded up all the hunters for a final photo-shot with my Kimeron scenics.
The Sorcerer and the Grand-Master
The Sorcerer and the Grand-Master
 Some updated photos for the Samurai, Prince, Werewolf & Shaman.

The Prince and the Samurai

Prince and Samurai
Werewolf & Shaman
Werwolf & Shaman
Group shots

And two dragon hunts!!

Hunting Starfire
Hunting Glimmerwing

Monday, 21 December 2015

The stomping grounds

Almost holidays! Finished my Allied Ostrich today and I am really proud of how it turned out. Simple yet commanding. Can't wait to field her.

Full turn around!!

Painted the first Rocket Cycle yesterday too. Not the best on my CV.

Always remember guys. File and trim those mould lines before painting. Else yo will end with some horrible photos like these.

I'm probably going to repaint the rocket heads. Those circling marks are insanely difficult to do freehand and they turned awful. Probably going to stick to red missile head like I did on the Panzerfausts. That will remember the players which units are anti-tank.

 Oh, you thought I had finished with the Ostrich? Have more photos of her with her alternate turret.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Once upon a trench...

So, my Rivet Wars got here this week and I'm completely in love with these tiny little fellows.
As soon as the weekend came I was all over painting them.

Welcome to the Eastern Front!
I dediced to prime in Black to keep the dark atmosphere of war. Also there is lots of vehicles with mechanical parts exposed so it will be easier to drybrush this way.

John and Steffan, my first recruits

Riflemen & Panzerfaust
I decided to go with Tin Bitz for the bases to keep the feeling that they are actualy riveted plates. It doesn't show much as the photos turned a bit dark, but it really looks the part. 

Monowheel Dragoon
Hammer Pounder
Hammer Pounder

Ready for action!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Waltz for the dead Waifus

Some more minis done while waiting the Arcadia Quest Inferno KS to end.

Also finished the Forgotten King Drake pack from the Claws of the Wyrm spawnpoint.

When I was looking at the heartless miniature I noticed how much the dress looked like a weeding dress, then the lightbulb popped and decided to go for the corpse bride look. The light is not very good on this photos but I really liked how this turned out. 

You may now kill the waifu
I think this will look specially well with Beyond the Grave ghosts, who also share the same pallete.

For the ninjathief i decided to give him heterochromia to increase a bit of color among all the blue tones. It`s also the result of too much hours playing Borderlands as Handsome Jack`s doppleganger.


Last but not least, generic magicial Tim, for all your enchanting and sorcerin needs.

Tim the Enchanter
or Bob the Conjurer... whatev.

Detail of the drakes.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Brainless violence...

So time for a new painting update.

I had some disappointments with Sodapop miniatures customer service this week... that, and I fell again in love with Arcadia Quest due to a solo mode that really met my expectations. I'm currently soloing the "Beyond the Grave" campaign, and I'm finding it pretty fun. It's not like the usual free for all, but more like a puzzley adventure because the time limit makes you think very well your every move.  Also is way faster to set up and play than an Arcade game of SDE. Now I'm really looking forward to the new campaigns the Inferno KS is going to bring.

So all in all it means that my SDE painting is going slower and I'm again working on my pending AQ.

So for today's batch

Just the chibis.

As a fact, I dislike zombies. I find them dumb, dull, and the market is completely oversaturated of zombie miniatures. But I must say Arcadia Quest Zombies are one of the coolest chibi monsters around (sadly can't say the same about SDE).

They were lots of fun to paint and despite the simple color scheme they pop out well in the table. Hoping to field them painted on the next scenario of the campaign.
Also, Grom and Kanga. I will be lying if I said I did them this week. They sat on my table for ages, I got stuck with them and could not bring myself to finish them, and once I decided i was not going to invest more time in them I tossed them on the box with so much hatred I didn't even bother to take a photo. So today I'm taking them out just for the sake of completion. They suck big time. But it's their fault, I swear.

Also, Dorasure!! You can never go wrong with Dorasure's lovely minis. This week I managed to finish the Samurai (from SS expansion) and the Prince from the base game (the most overpowered character in the game by far (XD)).

A fireball? My servant will take it for me, thanks...
Went with turquoise and violet for the prince as I already had many blue characters and wanted to stick to medieval nobility associated color schemes. Green/Gold works well too.

For the Samurai I wanted to give her a bit of a japanese miko appearance, so white and red were kept as the main colors with gold details. For hair I went for violet as is usually associated in manga to the classical "Yamato" japanese beauty. While i'm not 100% satisfied with her, I think I got pretty close to target regarding the syle I wanted to give her.
Back shot!
So, for closings,  this is the state of the painting table right now. Working on the SDE Trolls, Kobold drakes, AQ necromancers and the thief heroes from AQ. Ah, and the last Dorasure mini, the GrandMaster.