Saturday, 27 August 2016

Spooky Fellows

Hi all!
This week was one for rounding up pending miniatures that were still halfway done on the painting tray.

The Wyrm Claw Templar has been in the tray for a while as it was one of the first miniatures I tried to use aerograph for base color painting. I decided to go with my classic lizard black-red scheme for the wyvern as most of my kobolds are dark red and would fit the global color scheme. Non-metallics for the armor with ceramic helmet complete the mini. While not a spectacular paintjob it gets the job done and is pretty imposing on the board.

Wyrm Claw Templar
I later noticed this lizard is the only drake in the whole set I've painted white eyes on. (all the others happen to be yellow)

Next I finished the Ghost creeps from Bellatrix and the evil zombie bunny from the Stilt Town Zombies warband. Not my favourite minis, so I did a quick paint to get rid of them.

The blight doomwheels from Rivet Wars were done some weeks ago but forgot to post them so here are them outmanoeuvering my cat's paws...

Also, Mansions of Madness is done, just in time for 2nd edition! The last Shoggoth was finished today so I can finally put an end to this project. Aside from the investigator I wasn't very thrilled to paint the other minis but in the end I learned some tricks on the process so I could say it was worth the time.

Regarding 6mm - Microworld Games has released some sweeeeet sci-fi 6mm Space Rats that I totally need to get my hands on. This are the rats in power armor but there are other variations you should check out if you are into Skaven or Veer-min like I am.

This has triggered me to resume my search for sci-fi dungeon crawlers and I've started working on a 6mm derelict tile set with some nice tiles I found on RPGNow.

Work in Progress. 6mm Andrayada in black primer for comparison.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Blades of the Empire

They are here!
The new Dorasure expansions were brought to me by a friend who just recently travelled to Japan, and I must say the miniatures are even more beautiful in hand so I had to rush to paint them as soon as I could.

The 3 new heroes hail from the Empire, the new region appearing in the Imperial Travel Journal Gemeos expansion.

The Bishop is a reliable healer and the highest Knowledge character in the game by now and can use Knowledge to fight the dragon if he discovers his unique treasure. Really excited to try her!
The Jester can manipulate dice and scout ahead on hidden mountain quests to help manage the heroes resources. A nice addition to the team.
The Archer is a good combat character that can support quests from a safe distance. Also, his treasure has the potential to save a hero from dying in the final fight.

New party shot with the new recruits!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Kemble's rogue squadron

Time for a little side project this week - As I struggle to finish the new Dorasure minis that came last week I took time to paint the Battle for Kemble's Cascade fighter miniatures to give a little up to the already awesome game.

After finishing them I decided to base them on some spare 6mm bases I still had laying around and paint some stars to make them easier to move around during the game.

The yellow one was the hardest to come with a color scheme, I hate painting yellow things... paint just doesn't stick... but in the end turned fairly decent.

Blue and purple were easy as I had a clear idea of how I wanted to paint them. Just simple dark colors and orange canopy.

The red one was kind of difficult because it didn't have a clear canopy, instead, it had a cannon in the middle, so i had to hand paint a wide glass canopy just behind the cannon to try to make some sense into the mini.

The black one was the first to be done. I just went for some color details and painted the canopy and thrusters.

That's it for today's short update. The 3 new Dorasure minis would probably be up next!