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Kemble's rogue squadron

Time for a little side project this week - As I struggle to finish the new Dorasure minis that came last week I took time to paint the Battle for Kemble's Cascade fighter miniatures to give a little up to the already awesome game.

After finishing them I decided to base them on some spare 6mm bases I still had laying around and paint some stars to make them easier to move around during the game.

The yellow one was the hardest to come with a color scheme, I hate painting yellow things... paint just doesn't stick... but in the end turned fairly decent.

Blue and purple were easy as I had a clear idea of how I wanted to paint them. Just simple dark colors and orange canopy.

The red one was kind of difficult because it didn't have a clear canopy, instead, it had a cannon in the middle, so i had to hand paint a wide glass canopy just behind the cannon to try to make some sense into the mini.

The black one was the first to be done. I just went for some color details and painted the canopy and thrusters.

That's it for today's short update. The 3 new Dorasure minis would probably be up next!

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