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Blades of the Empire

They are here!
The new Dorasure expansions were brought to me by a friend who just recently travelled to Japan, and I must say the miniatures are even more beautiful in hand so I had to rush to paint them as soon as I could.

The 3 new heroes hail from the Empire, the new region appearing in the Imperial Travel Journal Gemeos expansion.

The Bishop is a reliable healer and the highest Knowledge character in the game by now and can use Knowledge to fight the dragon if he discovers his unique treasure. Really excited to try her!
The Jester can manipulate dice and scout ahead on hidden mountain quests to help manage the heroes resources. A nice addition to the team.
The Archer is a good combat character that can support quests from a safe distance. Also, his treasure has the potential to save a hero from dying in the final fight.

New party shot with the new recruits!

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