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Waltz for the dead Waifus

Some more minis done while waiting the Arcadia Quest Inferno KS to end.

Also finished the Forgotten King Drake pack from the Claws of the Wyrm spawnpoint.

When I was looking at the heartless miniature I noticed how much the dress looked like a weeding dress, then the lightbulb popped and decided to go for the corpse bride look. The light is not very good on this photos but I really liked how this turned out. 

You may now kill the waifu
I think this will look specially well with Beyond the Grave ghosts, who also share the same pallete.

For the ninjathief i decided to give him heterochromia to increase a bit of color among all the blue tones. It`s also the result of too much hours playing Borderlands as Handsome Jack`s doppleganger.


Last but not least, generic magicial Tim, for all your enchanting and sorcerin needs.

Tim the Enchanter
or Bob the Conjurer... whatev.

Detail of the drakes.

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