Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lawful good, lawful neutral, lawful evil...

It's good to have a little holiday once in a while so you can put your paintings up to date, isn't it?

Lawful good, lawful neutral, lawful evil... not necessarily in that order.
I've managed to finish my Twilight Knight. This mini was so cute >.<, pity it still does no justice to the original art.

My Twilight Knight came with her sword slightly bent upwards, but when I saw it I kinda liked the result, so instead of correcting it with hot water, I bent it even further.

For colors, originally I was going for the same white hair as the art, but lately I've been playing Borderlands a lot again, so I decided to go for Athena's look with violet hair under the hoodie. Wish i had an Aspis shield to give her...

Athena, the Twilight Knight
For the lights I went with the lantern and the sword as light sources with a bright orange/yellow that contrasts well with the overall dark colors.

"Athena out!"

The dread king has been sitting on my painting table since July, almost done, but never actually finished. Through his eyes he's seen almost all Forgotten King being painted, so his soul is full of resent (XD). Anyways, when I started this i was playing Guild Wars 2 so i couldn't help myself to think of him as a skeletal version of King Adelbern. So I decided for whit ghostly colors instead of the green seen on the original art. I also decided to go for a magical sword to add some color source to the mini, as it was looking rather bland.

Dread Knight

For Ser Snapjaw I wanted to use a neutral color scheme that allowed me to use him both as a hero and as a villain yet still not looking out of place within my current kobolds. If you  have seen the previous kobold posts you might have notice that all my kobold spawnpoints share purple as a unifying tone between them, as well as the dark red from their skin. As Snapjaw has very little skin exposure, I decided to maximize the purple, on the robes, cape and sword.
Ser Snapjaw, the Kobold Exemplar
 For the armor I went for a dark metal, so it looks imposing, and golden/brass details for the shield and the helmet to pop out. Overall i'm pretty satisfied with the result. I could do some markings on the helmet, but nothing pops my head right now, so i'll leave that for a later time.
Detail of the shield

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tales from the Twilight Zone

So, after plunging some 300 more buks onto the Legends KS i need to get me to painting to justify the spending. So I got back to work with the trolls, drakes and some of the single minis:

I'm slowly working myself into the trolls, so far i've finished these two but the others are pretty advanced too. Decided to go for aztec style weaponry using gold and jade for their equipment. For the skin i referred to warcraft 3 trolls for reference.
For Zul'Jin!

Shadow mode Candy was super easy and fun to paint. I saw the doppleganger idea from other SDE painters online and couldn't stop myself from trying it too. Everyone loves a doppelganger, especially if you are a Zelda fan or have played Ragnarok Battle Offline.
Shadow mode Candy

Survivor Marie-Claude. She's good and all but i'm still not satisfied with her eyes. I might go back to tune them later. I got to use her on a game yesterday and she's a pretty tanky char. Lacks a bit of AoE though.

Last but not least, the Deeproot scout was turned into a dark elf, tributing Midna and Wolf-link from Twilight Princess. The mask was obviously done Majora's Mask style for the full Zelda experience.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Claws and Fangs

Small update with the Claws of the Wyrm warband.

Claw Assassins
These assasins do not stay upright even after hot water treatment. I have to keep repositioning them every once in a while. It's a hassle -_-.

Claw Packmasters
 The packmasters. I'm still not fully sattisfied with them but I decided to set them aside until i finish the drakes. Maybe when they are done I will have a better view of the complete set and can decide on how to improve these.

Dorasure - batch 3

This week I finished some more Dorasure adventurers. Only 3 more remaining to close the full set of 12!

Werewolf, Caster and Shaman
Back view

Caster (from MinCas expansion) was a lot of fun to paint, she has a lot of tiny details you can work on like the staff crystal and potions. I decided to go for redish orange hair as a contrast point to make her face pop out.

The werewolf (from Fang expansion) was the easiest, keeping it a simple monochrome with red details for contrast. I decided to keep the trousers and metal parts on dull colors to maintain the focus on his burly body.

The shaman (from SS expansion) was fun. Had to look for some reference on indigen witch doctors and tribal markings but it turned out really colorful!

 The samurai (which is half-way through), the Prince and GrandMaster are the last remaining figures. Just a final stretch!