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Dorasure - batch 3

This week I finished some more Dorasure adventurers. Only 3 more remaining to close the full set of 12!

Werewolf, Caster and Shaman
Back view

Caster (from MinCas expansion) was a lot of fun to paint, she has a lot of tiny details you can work on like the staff crystal and potions. I decided to go for redish orange hair as a contrast point to make her face pop out.

The werewolf (from Fang expansion) was the easiest, keeping it a simple monochrome with red details for contrast. I decided to keep the trousers and metal parts on dull colors to maintain the focus on his burly body.

The shaman (from SS expansion) was fun. Had to look for some reference on indigen witch doctors and tribal markings but it turned out really colorful!

 The samurai (which is half-way through), the Prince and GrandMaster are the last remaining figures. Just a final stretch!

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