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Kittens and Lizards

Short update today, just showcasing some recently finished SDE heroes and Glimmerwing.
I also managed to finally get out AQ Gromm and Kanga from the painting table but still haven't took a photo of them.

I'm kinda worried about the amount of incoming chibi KS for the rest of the year. SDE Legends, AQ inferno, and so many others... the dollar price is so high right now that I won't be able to back everything T_T.

I really liked how the Tabbybrook turned out. Specially her hair and dress. I went for tiger patter to mix with my previous white and black fur freyjans and the result is fine enough. She looks like a commoner girl turned into a hero by chance.
Tabbybrook Mage
Tabbybrook Mage
This next photo isn't doing the painting much justice but well... it was a really nice miniature to paint. He looks like the bastard son of a total badass and a Murloc (XD)
Dragon Knight 
Glittery glittery glimmerwing is last. I don't like using metallics but i made an exception here. This one called for fairy dragon colors, lots of shine and glitter!

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