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Reporting live from the front

One of the best things about having a miniature painting log is that taking photos of the minis let's you see the mistakes that your naked eye couldn't see. And today was a great example of that as most of the minis had to go back to the table for final retouching.

My new home also has some particular light sources that make it pretty difficult to take photo shots without the colors being messed up by the itensity of the light source. I really need to set up a small photo booth of sorts. But whatever, I finished the remainder Sygmaa of my Onyx starter, and went back to my Nomad's backlog.

Maakrep tracker and Fractaa drop unit.
I also painted my WarCor, decided to go for a shiny blue as no one of my factions uses as uniform color and it makes him highly visible on the battlefield so no one would shoot him by accident. (Still Aleph troopers shoot him right in the face on turn one last time I played. Damn AI has no respect for free press - You can read the battle report here:

The logo of the TV station is from TV3, the local catalonian television.
This are some of my Bromads from the Bakunin starter. While I wanted to keep some of the white for the Bakunin sectorial I decided to give the observancy troops a red color to reinforce their eclesiastic look. In order to distinguish them from corregidor troops they sport a deeper crimson red instead of the vibrand red I use for the penal troops.
Reverend Moira and Sin Eater Observant
Did some freehand nomad symbols on him to add a bit more detail.

The Übergal from the Überfallkomando was inspired by classic science fiction character Chiara from Farscape.
Chimera. Leader of the Bakunin Überfallkomandos
The highlights on her skintight suit got really highlighted on this photo but don't look so bright on the mini. Still I decided to tone them down a little later on the painting bench.

I've also been working on some conversions for my nomads. After I paint-stripped some of my older minis I wasn't sattisfied with, decided to go full Lego and remake my Meteor Zond, which I wasn't really fond of the sculpt, and also convert one of my Tsyklon to something I could use as a Lunokhod. So these came out:

Left: new Meteor. Right: Upper Chassis of the new Lunokhod

Final Lunokhod on his legs.

A receiver dish was added to represent the repeater and a boarding shotgun was mounted on top, with the flamer under the legs.

Rear legs belong to a Heavy Gear Spitting Cobra
I really like how they turned out, specially the Lunokhod, has a great Protoss feel to it.

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