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An army of madmen

I've been painting more nomads throught the last weeks but I'm having some serious troubles getting a good photo setup on my new appartment. Light is very strong and my lamps distort lightning too much. So far my best results have been using scenery for the backdrop.

Well, in any case, finished the Pupniks so at last the Überfallkomando is done. I'm really proud of how this one turned out and I'm itching to field them again (first time they did minced meat out of Penthesilea, totally worth it).

Bakunin Moderators. Nothing spectacular, just standard bakunin white/orange/black theme. and some face paintings for the green guy. I tried to do some freehand nomad symbol that surprisingly turned out pretty well.

Corregidor Jaguars were next, I changed the traditional Corregidor red for prison orange in a remainder that this is a penal unit. For the black guy I triend some more colorful tatoos so they would pop more on the dark skin, while on the white inmate I went for a large dog tatoo with "Mad Dog" tattooed all along the arm.

I also painted my Lunokhod conversion. It turned out great!
It's pretty big compared to my old Tsyklon (that needs a new base and a repaint, i know...)

Handpainting the Lunokhod logo was probably the hardest part.

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