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Peace through superior firepower

Well, that was one long long hiatus, but thank god the international moving part is over and I can get back to hobbying. Last two weeks I got tons of new goods thanks to the Wotan campaign promotions in infinity's website and another friend of mine doing a massive infinity sale on his store (sadly I was late to get the Iguana TAG for 20$) but this allowed me to get some nice Corregidor and Bakunin forces for my Nomads, a really nice Morat Agression Force army and a pretty nifty Khapu Qalqui force to add to my vanilla haqs.

I have everything assembled but it will take me some time to base the Nomads and CA as I need to go full greenstuff for their custom bases, so in the meanwhile I started painting some of my previously assembled Rodoks and Umbra from the Onyx force I bought earlier this year.

Umbra Legates and Rodok Armed Imposition Detachment from Onyx Contact Force

Painting the Rodoks was pretty fun. Originally I was going for the studio scheme of black and red, I also thought of a panzer style gray for them but in the end I decided to stick to green tones to fit with the rest of my Combined Army's palette. I didn't want to go emerald as it was the theme for the Shasvastii so instead I chose a very military palette of olive green with camo green highlights. I added some scarlet red areas to be the identifying theme of the Morats inside the army, so they will look nice together when I go full Morat Agression Force.

I also tried some new techniques like stippling to make the leather pop more with texture. While it cannot be very appreciated in the photos the results are quite good on hands and surely I will do this again in the future.

Next is the Umbra Legates. I love how the face turned out on this one.

I didn't really have much ideas for how to paint this mini in green palette until I stumbled on a pretty nice looking Umbra painted like an oniwaban in the Infinity forums. Starting from there I made some changes to get to a color scheme that fit more my army. So the mini combines the black armor/green dermis from my batroids, the emerald plates from the shasvastii armor and the red tones that hint to the morat forces in the armor details.
Umbra Legates

I did the Onyx Force logo on the right shoulderpad. It's a pity that the reflexes on the photo don't let it appear as good as it looks on the fig. Still pretty satisfied at how this mini turned out. I'm not much of a Umbra fan so I don't really think I will field it much but still is a fantastic piece for any combined army on display.

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