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First Contact

My wife usually says that whenever I want some new toys I flirt with them for over a month before actually buying them. Well, this time she was spot on. I've been eyeing a new Combined Army since I got back to Spain for holidays. The Sygmaa miniatures from the starter looked pretty cool and after playing several games against a Morat Sectorial during the last month I've learned to respect the Rodoks. So in the end I decided to go for the Onyx sectorial, as I wanted to play links but still wanted to be able to field all the races from the Combined, wich in my opinion is one of the greatest selling points of this army.

Problem with the Onyx box is that it does not bring any Shasvastii and I still wanted some of them for my force. In the end I decided complement the boxed set with those Shasvastii I could field in Onyx and still had some cool minis (as most Shasvastii are pretty old outdated minis).

Emerald Squad - Corax Spec Ops, Sphinx and Noctifier
The Noctifiers and Corax where almost insta-buy. The Corax will be my proxy for Malignos or Nexus Operative while I don't get my hand on those minis.

Regarding the colors, I decided to keep a blueish grey for their skin, sorta like classic X-Com aliens. As the bases will be jungle themed I decided that my Onyx will have an overall theme of camo green unifying all the various races on the army and each of the races will have a particular secondary color associated. For Shasvastii it will be emerald green with intense yellowish neon on their armor light sources.

The Sphinx followed the same pattern, just using the grey blue for the inner armor and the camo green and Emerald for plating.

All of them received shadows in purple wich made the greens pop more on contrast with the red on the purple. Overall I was quite sattisfied with the result.

On the other hand I´ve been working on some more Nomads.

Gecko, Riot Grrl, Bandit and a Dactylos proxying as Zoe
Pretty standard Nomad color scheme. The Bandit was promoted to the front of the "pending" painting queue line after a game where she single handedly wrecked havoc among a Rodok link team and captured several objectives. 

The first of the two Geckos was painted too. I decided to maintain the color scheme of my old Szally so I added some green plated areas. The Gecko It´s a staple of my nomad TAG lists now, so I want to have them both battle-ready as soon as possible.

Gecko Squadron with MK12 loadout

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