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Pride of the Sphere

Back again with more Infinity!
The new nomads are coming up pretty nice but before I get into that let me show you my Dragon Lady.
Dragon Lady - Imperial Judge HVT for Yu Jing
I don't even play Yu Jing but this HVT is probably one of the best in the game. It was really fun to paint, and I'm not even sure I will ever place her in the table because that parasol it's probably one of the most crazy handpaints i've ever done on a miniature. Looks like this one will be sitting at a priviledged spot of my shelf.

Ironically I bought this mini to use her as Lady Oka for Rise of the Kage. Guess I will have to look for another replacement.

Well, back to the matter at hand. NOMADS!

I know this are not new for most of you but I've been out of the Infinity scene for a while. Now that all my army has been resculpted from scratch I have given me a chance to take a new artistic direction with the new models, as I can leave the older sculpts in the shelf, and focus on rebuilding the force from scratch with the rescupts without worries of them not fitting with the old models.

The starter Nomads from Operation Icestorm
Alguaciles of Corregidor - bread and butter of Nomad armies

Compared to my old Alguaciles I dropped the all-red color scheme from the classical nomad rulebook in favour of a half grey and dull red that looks less cartoonish and more space pirate-y.

The new Mobile Brigadas are one of my favourites from the nomad range. They suffer from the ORC syndrome where despite having awesome models you cannot justify to use their price tag to field them over let's say a Gecko. Still I will probably end up buying the Brigada box. Because they are awesome.
Mobile Brigada from Corregidor

Compared to the old Brigada model the new model is bulkier and overall cleaner in design. It looks more like a military armor and less like a prototype suit with all those wires hanging out.

The Spektrs have one of the coolest lore profiles on the nomad lore, and all of their models have really cool poses. Sadly I rarely can justify their price over the more efficient Zeros or Moran. Still I own all the Spektr minis to date.
Tunguska Spektr

My older Spektr models were painted in scab red + grey. Base colors I used for Tunguska back then. This time I decided to go with a darker overall theme of mostly grey tones, with just small red details on the shoulder pads and waist comlogs. The darker theme helps maintain their spec-ops/ infiltrator looks.

For detail photos of the Grenzer and Healer, please check the previous post!


  1. Very nice painted minis but let me tell you that Brigadas are very useful, at least, at Corregidor. The Pain-train (5 MB linkteam) could reduce your orders but would be very effective and on "Limited Insertion" missions are the best.

    1. I´ll need to try that. But isn't it too difficult to take objectives with such a small order pool?