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Back to the mothership

It's been a long hiatus since the last post. I've been kinda busy last month getting ready to move everything from Brazil to Spain once again. I decided I didn't want to carry my paints back so instead I went a bit out of the way to get me a self-present for the holidays. A GameColor paint case set from Vallejo and some of the new Infinity models that have been released while I was away.

Some of the new Nomad models 
The new models are certainly impressive, and the new paints and brushes are giving me a control I could not achieve with brazilian acrylics. I kinda feel like I've removed my weighted boots and can start running freely (and still the lame celphone photo's does not do justice to the models).

Tunguska Grenzer

Tunguska Grenzer
This particular photo makes me a bit sad because it does not capture the color depth of the coat, but I guess this is what you get when you don't have a nice camera and photo booth.

Reverend Healer from Bakunin

Reverend Healer
 The Taskmaster is such an impressive model! it was my first purchase when I got to a hobby store.
Bakunin Taskmaster SWAST team

Bakunin Taskmaster SWAST team

There are tons of things to talk about the last two months. I've been doing a sculpture course with the lead sculptors of Tiny Tales Studio which was tons of fun and has given me some modelling skills and tools I was in serious need like miniature pinning (seriously, they were all just glued until now).

Also, now I'm on a base sculpting spree. Here you can see some of the new minis on their new bases.

These last two are my CrazyPiggies. They are an old conversion of mine from the standard CrazyKoalas based on Sonic The Hedhehog enemies from Scrap Brain Zone. Now rebased to their newly sculpted bases and with their paint upped with some new tricks i've learned on the last years.

"CrazyPiggies" - CrazyKoalas

"CrazyPiggies" - CrazyKoalas
I'll try to go back to regular updating now that I have paints again.

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