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7 days to Rise the Kage

So, if you recall my last post you remember I had recently got my hands on both Rise of the Kage and Docks of Ryu. The thing is I'm just about to travel back to Spain for a long time and I was using some paints on this project from local brazilian manufacturers. So I came with a crazy idea... could I actually manage to paint both the game and expansion before I went back to spain?

It was the 7th of November when I decided that I would try and paint all the minis in the game before my depature date on the 17th. Obviously quality wise the minis are not on my usual level of detail as I had to rush many things but they are good enough for tabletop play which was the original idea. Also it's the 13th so I managed to do it in 7 days which for me is a completely insane time frame and gave me an idea of how fast I could actually paint a game to tabletop condition.

Rise of the Kage and Docks of Ryu painted!!

Green was used as a unifying color across all troops. The green skirt is the only element that ties all troops as belonging to a same authority.

The Musha Shugyo samurais were the hardest to do, taking almost 2 of the 7 days.

I want to try to add some tatoos to the dock guards to make them pop a bit more with the extra time.

The samurai ladies will probably be retouched, I want to adjust the skin hues a bit and add some flowers to their kimonos.

The dock's veterans were the last ones to be done

And for those of you who like this things some progress pictures.

Day 1 - Komomos

Day 2, amber level guards

Day 3 - Amber level still.

Day 3 - Start of the Red level Samurai

Day 4 - Samurai

Day 4 - Samurai

Day 5 - Guards

Day 6 - Dock guards

Day 7 - Dock Guards (the veterans where done here too, no photo sorry)

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