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Ninja ambush!

Last week I got Rise of the Kage and it's Docks of Ryu from a Miniature Market sale. I was eyeing this game for a long time as it remembered a game I use to play a lot with my friends back in Spain called Tenchu.

The game is all about ninja's infiltrating in building performing missions and assassinations while an Overlord player controls the guards and tries to stop them down.

Minato and Kenta are ambushed from all sides by ninja!
From the painting side this game provided a challenge for me. Usually color theory recomends to use vibrant colors in heroes and dark colors in villains, but in this case, the ninja's are supposed to be unconspicuous and conceallable so I had to use unsaturated colors and and overall dark pallete while still giving them some way to be easily recognized by their players on the board.

I decided to assign them a color based on their clan. Dark red, blue and necromantic purple for each 2 ninjas. Also had to drop my initial idea of using metallic colors as they made them stand out too much, so it was non-metals from now on.

The process was pretty fun actually. The minis have tons of details and each ninja really felt different from the others.

The Bleeding Moon clan and Shizuka from the Long Shadow

Kouhei from the Long Shadow Clan, with the North Star clan shinobi.

Bosses allowed for more vibrant colours in contrast. These two are Minato from the Docks expansion and Kenta from the main game.

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