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Today we have another mix and match of sorts. The light was not the best for the photos though...

My allied K-9 trainers are done together with the sperahead expansion allied turrets. I still haven't done the doggies though, I decided to go back and paint the base set infantries before I continue with the expansions.

I used boy scout colors to tell the appart from regular infantrymen.
Next was Brave mode Candy. With so many candies we had so far I'm getting a little tired of pink haired heroes so I decided for an anime green wich turned out really well. White dress and blue armor for the heroic counterpart of the evil doppleganger. The final result remind's me of touhou's Sanae Kochiya.

No more strawberry candy!
Detail of the armor. Te light didn't help much though.
Back shot
I'm still working on Mansions of Madness, this week I continuer training with my aerographer and finished the C'thonians and one of the Shoggots. They were base colored with aerograph and detailed

I really didn't like the Shoggoth much but as this is not my main paint project i'm not gonna stress it and leave it as it is for now. Maybe i come later on the future to do some retouching, but it's enough for tabletop at the moment.

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