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Arcadia free at last!

Yay!! At last all the core Arcadia Quest set is done! And still some months before Inferno gets here!
Spike was the last one of the core set so I guess now group shots are in order.

All the Arcadia Heroes
All of Lord Fang's monsters
The last reinforcements: Koba, King of Thieves and Spike
Rear shot
 King of thieves, was mostly dark colours and subtle armour shines so they didn't pop out too much.
King of Thieves
I didn't do tattos on Spike, instead i went for a lumberjack look with chechered kilt.
For Koba I decided to go for a chinese courtesan look focusing on Red/Green/Gold color scheme. It turned out pretty nice in the end.
Base set heroes completed!!!

I painted some more Rivet Wars infantry last week, together with the Allied Vertical Tanks

Allied reinforcements
Blight recruits
And finished Mansions of Madness' Mi-go.
Mi-go, isn't he the cutest eldritch horror ever?

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