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A step forward into terror

Today I have a pretty multidisciplinar update for you. There is some chibis, some asian tales and some terror, and a combination of them all.

Braving the Mansions of Madness
Random assortment of chibis
 Let's start with Mansions of Madness, painting the adventurers was pretty straightforward based on their card colors.

Then I did some of the enemies, starting with those maniacal loonies.


Their eyes were painted red with a black contour so they look creepy as f**k.
The witches were also pretty straightforward. I did some magical markings in one of them on a lovecraftian emerald I had here that I almost never use. Eyes were kept white for extra creepiness.

Still on the creepy side, I finished Beyond the Grave's Igor, and the crazy easter bunny Nibbles of Caerbannog.

Nibbles & Igor
I painted those cilinders on Nibbles back as if they were some chemical flasks infusing something into his armor, Bane style.

Nibbles & Igor
Still on the spooky side, I did a bunch of youkai to work with a game I'm developing. Started with those Impact Miniatures Tengu. They still don't have a clearly defined base.

I also finished Kasaro-To to act as an Oni mini-boss for my game. Also Ninja Cola, don't really like him so I was mostly getting done with him.
Ninja Cola and Kasaro-To
 One side of Kasaro-To's banner reads Oni Shougun (Demon General)
Ninja Cola and Kasaro-To

 The other reads Daisensou (Great War)
Ninja Cola and Kasaro-To

Overall it was a pretty complete week. Next up for mansions are the Mi-go, and I have several Rivets in my desk still to finish so look forward to those on the next update.

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