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Conflict escalates

Another update from the front. The Rivet Wars painting is advancing steadily. This week I focused on the elite troops from Spearhead and finishing the Polsten Quad Gun wich was halfway through.

The Trenchriders, my favourite infantry miniature from this game.

The elite Mountaineers.
For some reason all pics i've seen for Rivet Wars minis feature white Rivets. There were lots of black soldiers dying on the great wars, and they deserve to be represented too!

Back shot
The Blight Sturmrad.
The Sturmrad was a pain to paint. That driver position makes it very difficult to paint it well without disassembling the miniature.

Polsten Quad-Gun with X-3 Rocket turret

Back shot

Blight Flamme Turrets

Details of the Flamme Turrets
Group shot!!

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