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Kittens and Kriegers

Well, it's been some time. Happy 2016 for all!

After some well deserved holidays, I'm back with tons of new minis on my luggage!

I got my hands on the Rivet Wars Spearhead, 2nd Wave, and Battle of Brighton expansions - plenty of armor on the painting bench right now.

The Blight Landkriegers and the Flakker with the anti-air turret.
I also got my Witch Queen Beatrix waiting for me in Barcelona when I arrived. It's such a beautiful mini! I decided to step away from the classical black and went for pale purple, based on Touhou's witch librarian Patchouli Knowledge.

Beatrix, the Witch Queen
Detail of the pumpin and the grimalkins.
The bat is most fitting for a Patchouli wannabe

Back to Rivet Wars, I also painted my Allied Boss tanks. I might retouch them a bit though, I think i overdid the lightning effects on some parts.

M-7 Boss join the Ostrich on the offensive
Rear view
Detail of some of the freehand markings.
Obviously the blight had to get their Landkriegers done to compete in a good ol' mech boxing showdown on the trenches.

Blight Landkrieger squadron
Detail of the markings.
Rear view
The flakker and the allied anti-air were next, but the allied equivalent is still on the bench. Maybe I can show it on the next update.

Detail of the Blight Flakker
My Ninja All-Stars kickstarter hasn't showed up yet so I still have plenty of time to paint rivets it seems...

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