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In all fronts

They say in Brazil the year only starts after carnivals, so now that they are gone is time to get back to the good ol' brushes.

I spent this week trying to clean my backlog of halfpainted miniatures so i could put a bit of order on my desk.

First, the mistmourn troll chieftain is done at last.

Some Arcadian heroes that were pending.

Arcadia Quest Necromancers on their Murloc hoodies.
You can't never go wrong with Murloc fashion.
 Detail from the sorcerer.

These are some of the Rivet Wars Blightwaffe forces i painted before heading out for carnival holidays.
Zepperlin blimb and escort

Blight Zeppelin Blimp
Also, finished the Silver Chevalier, she was a pain to paint. So I'm leaving her as it is now. Don't wanna see her on my desk for a while.

Also my airbrush has arrived! Maybe, on the next update I treat you to my very first airbrush painted mini.


  1. Caralho Emerson.... As Minis de Rivet Wars ficaram insanas!!!!!!