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Bow before the king!

Yay! I finished my last heroes from Forgotten King!
Well, at least the basic ones from the game cover. 

Group photo!!

Yeah, I know the Thundervale Huntress is missing on the photo but her size messed the picture composition too much.

Since I first saw the miniature I was sure I was going to paint her as a tribute to Warcraft III night elf dryads.

The troll shaman is also a Warcraft III influence.


And least but not last, the lovely Alchemist sporting all sorts of sodapop themed potions for extra sparkleburst!

And obviously a great party of heroes needs a great boss to fight too!

There goes, The forgotten King. I tried to keep the colors to "dirty" tones of brown and green to maintain the feeling of belonging to the forest. The shine from the scepter and the red eyes bring the main focus to the miniature. It's a pity the lightning in the photo does not favour it much. 

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