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A duck's dynasty

This week I finally finished my Billmen and tackled the Grobbit Executioner!

My GFs sister was at home this weekend and she lend us a camera for our soon to come trip to Japan, so I gave her a run on the new miniatures. It's one of those cameras with a small display so you get a bit afraid about the quality when shooting, but the final pics turned out cleaner than those from the cellphone.

The Grobbit
Grobbit Executioner was surprisingly fun to paint. Despite not really liking the miniature much, his rules make him a fearful F.O.E. (f**king overpowered enemy) on the battlefield, so I went for a thick cover of blood so heroes learn to respect the rabbit.

I really like the Billmen miniatures so it was hard to be satisfied at the result. I might still come back to tune something... I went for royal green and white as heraldic colors for the King so unlike dragons I painted them all equal to maintain fluff consistency.

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