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Emboar, I choose you!

So, Forgotten King Wave 2 hit home last week and after crying like a b***h for 3 days about the absurd taxes, i got a hold of myself and payed the 150$ this band of parasites called goverment kindly requested from me.

Group shot!
Opening the box of goodness was an sour and sweet experience. The best thing was probably the new bases (no longer cut through) the worst was by far proportions.

Seriously. Snapjaw feels like Ironman in his Hulkbuster armor next to the other kobolds.
So anyways... SLIMES!!
Everyone loves slimes so they were first to go to the paint table. I was curious about how well paint would stick to them, specially the bases, as I coudn't prime them. It took some more time for the paint to get in place but overall the result is lovely. Also 30 minutes to paint 12 miniatures. I wished everything was so easy.

Slime slime slime...
Before FK hit I was painting the pets, so I had to finish some to clear space on the painting table.
Town musicians of Bremen... kinda.
 This scaly guy was particularly fun to paint.
Charmander's dumb cousin.
 As a rule of thumb I do not like Zombies. I dislike them as a theme, and SDE zombies were particularly disgusting to me (i much prefer Arcadia Quest zombies). However I bought the Stilt Town warband mainly for the Priest and Marie Claude.

The only zombies i really liked were this Pudges here. They look really cartoony and looked like they were going to be easy to paint so they hit the table just after the slimes.
Lots of brains provide a healthy figure.
 As you can tell I'm a pretty lazy guy so the logical course of action was to start the emeral valley warband next. Those shrooms looked easy. They are still on the paint bench so they will have to wait for a future update.

While I was painting them I started wondering what to do with the boars. Painting them brown would look lame so I brainstormed some ideas for reference. Usually when painting critters, Pokemon is one of my main reference resources so this time I drew inspiration from the firey boar pokemon Emboar to paint this one.

Emboar, Nitro Charge!!
Also, I have some new miniatures in the waiting. They are from the japanese boardgame Dorasure and I'm all over them (droools)

Minis from the base game

Minis from the expansions
Expect to see them here anytime soon!

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