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Story of a shelf

After my last post some people questioned about my miniature's shelf.

My shelf is mdf and acrylic, built by a local brazilian handcraft. Me and my girlfriend found his shelves on a hobby store (he usually builds for car collectors) and for my next birthday my girlfriend contacted him to make me a custom shelf for chibi miniatures. I was really surprised and glad from the present and it has become the central piece of my studio room. 

First photo upon receiving my present. Just a few minis to fit on there. 
The boxes on top are some collectible exibition boxes I bought from a local Daisho store. They are useful for the bigger models. The shelf has traditionally been the home of my SDE minis and Impact as the Arcadia Quest ones fit nicely in the box with the provided inserts.

While there weren't enough minis. Crimson Skies planes filled the lower shelf.

The collection grows. But the shelf it's still on the table

The shelf is now pinned to the wall. As the boxes for big minis grow short, bosses claim the upper shelf.
Current state with some Impact, and Arcadians as well as some of the first Forgotten King. Roxor and Starfire have claimed the top.
As you see there is no more room for anything so now i need to draw some sketches to build a new shelf. I wonder where I will pin it though...

And you, where do you store your minis?

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