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It's been sometime since I last updated my painting log. To be fair I haven't been painting as much as I would lately. I have finished some more Forgotten King heroes like the Huntress and the Shaman and some turnipheads, but haven't gotten the time to take photos yet so for today I'm going to post some oldies that hadn't make it to these pages yet.

My cleric, inspired by Index from To Aru Majutsu no Index
The Rocktop Gang
The rocktop cannon in fact is not looking like that anymore. He is by far the miniature that has been for more time on my painting table. I do not like him and cannot decide what to make of him. Almost a year of changing colour schemes and still not satisfied.

Candy and Cola original metal version.
Also, my shelf is starting to get too crowded. I will probably need to make a new one. This time with bigger space for big base miniatures and bosses. Poor Starfire doesn't fit anywhere. Some Arcadias Quest and Impact minis had to be placed here too due to lacking space on their respective boxes.

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