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Forgotten King - Surgery and Panty-shots.

So, Forgotten King is in, I had to stop Arcadia Quest for a while to paint some Kodamas and Heroes for my first delves on the Lordship Ruins.

Started with the sprout and the Wisps, and painted a first Mook to define the colors I will want to use for the kodama Gangs.

Mistmourn Spawnpoint
Caitlyn - Sheriff of Piltov... oh... I mean, Princess Amethyst
Questing Knight
I thought about reposing his arm, but I was so anxious to paint him that I decided to go as it was.
This was an interesting exercise in monochromatic tones.

Kunoichi Candy
I had to do a "chin surgery" on Candy. For some reason the miniature has an enormous maxilar bone that made her mouth look out of proportion. I had to cut it off and resculpt the lower part of the head to give her the proper anime proportions. I'm quite sattisfied with how this turned out.

Also, fanservice pantyshot!

Royal Warden
I had to finish some of my AQ to clear space on my painting table.

Cthulu hero, raging monk and human mesmer.
David Bowie playing Mesmer class.

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