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Praise for Kimeron Miniaturas scenics

Kimeron Miniaturas is a brazilian miniature manufacturer of pewter minis with a growing catalogue of fantasy range heroes and monsters. Recently they have started to produce ready to play resin terrain and their quality/price is simply impressive.

Yesterday I received their most recent set of scenics. This time it was a forest set, just in time for Forgotten King!

The set contains 11 tiles, half of them showing a brick road, and tons of forest props. Trees, stumps, rocks, mushroom patches, a full hero camp to stay the night... It even has a carriage with 4 horses, that while not fitting much with my chibi scale minis, was put on the photos for the sake of completeness. This set is not for sale on their store yet (I got it on pre-sale) but expect to see it on the near future.

The camp props are my favourite part, lovely!

Fending off a troll in base camp.

Some photos of the previous set, which was obviously Dungeons.

The full set on display, totally enough for a crawl.

The graves are 2 parts so you can leave them opened. They have skellie props that fit inside inside.
If used well yo can create some 2 level scenarios using stairs and columns.

There are lots of props: statues, chandeliers, gargoyles...

Chests, skellies, skull piles, loot, statues of evil gods...
 We couldn't stay ourselves from putting up a full diorama with all the sets and my minis from SDE and Arcadia Quest.

In all their glory
They also have a Tavern set I do not own (yet...).

The only bad thing about this range is that the pieces are solid resin so they are fragile (Don't let them fall to the ground!) and they weigh... a lot. The dungeon set had mostly tiles and small pieces so it was easier to store, but the trees on the new set will prove to be a hassle. Totally not what you're gonna bring to someone elses saturday gaming night. But they are awesome for home games.

Also, did I mention it feels awesome to make evil GM poses with this set?

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