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Enter the Silver Tower

Today I'm posting the start of a new side project. I got a copy of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower some months ago and surprisingly my wife and I enjoyed it a lot despite the Age of Sigmar setting.

So in order to spice up our next delves I decided to start painting the miniatures. I started with the Kairic Acolytes but an accident with a pot of paint made me kickstart the Stormcast before I finished the Tzeentch warriors.

Blue horrors were just a middle pitstop I painted while waiting for the bases on the acolytes to dry. Their color scheme is so simple you can get them done very fast. So in order to give me a painting challenge I decided this time I would try to get the fire right.

In the past i painted fire the way you usually render and shadow other areas, painting the upper areas brighter, until reading a tutorial made me notice that for fire it was actually the other way around. So this time I tried to get it right from the start and add some source lighting for extra coolness.

For the stormcast I decided to step away from the full gold plate that GW uses. Instead I used a mostly dark and grey armor with gold accents. It kinda remembers a golem, like Kharn from Magic the Gathering.

For this model my painting challenge was to get the blade right. I'm not very proud of my weapons, as I never use the same technique they look all over the place and lack consistency. I tried to adress this trying some new approaches.

By the way, you might have noticed by now, but I got myself a small photo studio. I still haven't got the hand of it, and still get some particularly intense lights on some of the photos, but overall photo quality has improved considerably. 

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