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Triple Trihedrometry

This week I finished several of my university work so suddenly I found myself with tons of free time in my hands. After a disastrous result at the last Infinity tournament I spoke with a fellow player who plays Tohaa and he teached me a bit about the faction's do's and dont's (I am a complete ignorant when it comes to Aleph and Tohaa).

So after the little lesson, I decided to start painting the 300pts box I manage to buy for a dime during the black friday promotions at corvus belli.

I'm not really a fan of the Tohaa lore, but as a Combined Army player I really liked the lore behind the Sygmaa Trihedron. Those guys are the Tohaa that were already conquered by the Evolved Inteligence and integrated into their society. So I decided to base my army on them, with darker looks and colors. My CA already sports black and green so those where out of the question. My CA Sygmaa use purple as their identity color so I decided purple would be one of the main themes and an intense turquoise would be it's contrast,

Kamael, Kaeltar and Ectros
I was a bit skeptical about painting them and later finding that corvus would be launching them as a new sectorial, so when they confirmed there would be no new alien sectorials for this year in the recent seminars, I decided it would be a great moment to start.

The first mini was the Kamael, as I wanted to test the color scheme for the skin. I got some tips for highlighting with the guys from WGC Infinity on facebook and I really like how it turned out. I wanted to try this impish skin to also use it on the new Arcadia Quest Inferno models where there is a lot of demons and Imps.

I next went for the Ectros. Mostly because I love the new Neema spitfire model and want to add it to my roster asap. As the Ectros shares the same armor it kinda was a field test for when I paint her.

Next I decided to tackle the Kaeltar. I was told that I will be fielding this guy on every game so It would be wise to have them amongst the first painted.

The lava bases were pretty easy to make, and a huge relief when compared to my other hand- sculpted bases. Still, I got some tricks from the guys online to make the lava more realistic and less cartoony that helped give a more serious look to the minis.

Last and as a bonus I finished a miniature I had sitting on my desk for more than 6 years now. Candy and Cola are the mascots from Sodapop Miniatures and they make a nice HVT or a Mayastar for the Infinity RPG. 
Candy & Cola

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