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Remaking Pan-O from scratch

I was never a great fan of Pan-O. To be fair, as a nomad player, I hate them deeply. However there was a moment in time where some of the PanO minis appealed to me (mainly Auxilia and Orcs). For that reason I amassed a small band of mostly Neoterran troops with some Kamau and an occasional knight (i hate swords on sci-fi setting as much as I hate Pan-O).

When I was deciding on how to paint my Pan-O back then I settled on a white/black color scheme with orange accent. I also built some water ruin bases that fitted my idea for the force: a naval rapid intervention team that deployed on the shore to strike on coastal enemy assets.

Some of my old Pan-0 force, back from N2
This was several years ago, back in N2 and when there where no sectorials expected on the near future. Then Human Sphere came, and with it sectorials. Suddenly my color scheme was extremely similar to Bakunin oficial color scheme. While I loved this color scheme as soon as I started painting my Bakunin troops they started to look too similar among them, so the need for a repaint of my Pan-O crossed my mind several times.

Old Swiss guard and Orc Trooper
I decided to try a new color scheme, but I didn't want to go with the usual Pan-O blue, instead a more petrol blue like the one used by Merovingian troops.

The old Joan of Arc was my first test subject. Most of my troops are Neoterra so those out of the sectorial were mostly unbuilt and unpainted, so the first task was to decide on accent colors for the other sectorials. For Military orders I decided to go with vatican purple and gold as are colors that easily remind of the church and would pop up well over the blue.

Satisfied with the results I decided to try it on Fusiliers. Being the basic troop they would be the most numerous and need to make the color scheme feel right. For them I chose an urban camo pattern for the trousers, and red accent colors as they will almost always be on my Neoterran army.

Brother Konstantinos was a bit of an oddball as he is a special operative, so I went with mostly black uniform, but again using church purple to remind he is a soldier of the order.

Father Knight and the new Joan of Arc followed the same idea of golden inner armour and accent with purple robe, but got some extra work and colors on their weapons to make them stand appart from regular troopers.

The Akalis I was seriously considering selling the model as I don't play nor have the intention of playing Acontecimento, however in the end I was intrigued of how Acontecimento colors would fit with my new scheme so I decided to give him a chance. I chose an horizontal wavy jungle camo pattern mixed with the usual Fusilier urban pattern, and the result turned out to be pretty interesting.

The color of the bases was also updated and makes the figures pop up more now. Overall I'm pretty satisfied of how this guys turned out. Now I'm wondering if I should strip the paint of my older Pan-O models to adapt them to this new color scheme.

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