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Zelda chibis and youkai miniatures.

Well, it's been quite some time since my last post. I've been traveling a lot on January, both for work and for leisure, so painting has bogged down a bit.
First, for the good news. I managed to finish the SDE kobolds. I'm not posting them again, as they mostly look like the old ones. But I'm glad of having them out of my painting table for good.

Next I went for the Impact Kitsune because my girl was moaning all the time about how it was so lonely and painteless in a dark box on the table... So that's one more out of the list. I used my Arcadia base pattern for him until I decide anything better to go by.
It has a very simple pant scheme but the eyes make it pop out nicely.

Next, the Impact Kappas. They still need to get back for basing, but the painting is over. I love this figures but due to their pose it's so difficult to take a photo that does them justice...

Nitori and Mitori
Finally back to Arcadia Quest, I finished the lance beastmen...
Since I saw them I knew one was going to be blue. For obvious reasons:
Now we can play Zelda!!! 
Yes!! Ganon!! You cannot spell dungeons without Zelda. So Ganon as a villain was a must!
I originally painted him a dark violet matching his Ocarina of Time scheme, but my brother which is a die-hard Zelda fan would not accept anything but blue... so blue it goes.

By the way, the Link figure is the Deeproot Scout from Super Dungeon Explore. The first miniature i painted for that game.

And to finish off, I painted Schmetterling too... you know, the troll... named Butterfly...

I went for red base as the official one, as I already have a green troll and a black troll (Trollgut the magma troll from SDE). The photo reflections have messed a bit with the lighning but the red color has some nice shades to it.

I hope you like it!

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