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King Alexian's retinue

This was a pretty relaxed weekend so I had plenty of time to paint some more miniatures.
I decided to start my Arcadia Quest heroes so next time we play our campaign we can bring the painted guys to the table.

This is my guild on the current campaign.

Make way for the Lion Guild!!
The first miniature, Prince Aaron was inspired on BattleCon's Alexian - the dynastic King of Jeffreys. As soon as I saw the mini I knew they would make a perfect match.

King Alexian of Jeffreys
BattleCon's King Alexian - by Nokomento
Next Pigsy. This was pretty straightforward. My girl thinks he has some crazy scary look. But I kinda like it. You can't go wrong with rabid pigs.
Did anyone say bacon?!
To end it up, my personal favourite, Elysia. I wanted do go for a classic medusa look so I opted for a white/blue color scheme reminding of greek tunics and a greenish skin.

Sexy snakies...
Some time ago I botched a miniature badly. It was an Ophidian Slave from Cadwallon, I couldn't get the light-green skin tone right. It always ended looking like a goblin, which was not the intent. Since then I always wanted to try again at a light green skin. I guess this time experience has paid off.

Also, snakes!! I didn't want to repeat the same old lame green snakes on every medusa I see around, so I added a bit of color variety and spice.

Hey guys, don't push,!! there's room for everyone!!

Originally this looked like the bastard son of a rainbow and a hydra, but I remembered some teachings from my digital coloring class and decided to add green ink to the whole hair as a unifying tone. The result pretty much speaks for himself. Despite having cobras from yellow to red and various tones of green and brown, the final result is still easy to the eye. I'm really satisfied with how this turned out.

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